Monday, January 30, 2017

These Charlotte Neighborhoods To See Highest Value Growth in 2017

Just this month, Zillow released their findings for the 10 Hottest Housing Markets for 2017.  While Charlotte somehow missed the list (really?), Charlotte's home value growth is still outpacing the national average.  The median value is expected to rise 3% while Charlotte is continuing its impressive growth at 3.8%!

There is hope still for buyers, however! The incredible growth we experienced from Nov 2015-Nov 2016 has cooled (it was a scorching 8.1% increase) and sellers continue to put their homes on the market, so supply is low but still existent.

Much to sellers' delight, Zillow has noted our market as "very hot" with sellers still holding the advantage over buyers.  In fact, some of the areas in Charlotte are expected to see value growth more than double that of the national or Charlotte average!

Here's a glimpse at the top 10 in growth, plus their median home values:
1) Yorkmount, 10% projected growth. $114,600 median value
2) Thomasboro-Hoskins, 8.6%; $75,600
3) Oaklawn, 8.5%; $81,000
4) Belmont, 8.4%. $117,500
5) Lincoln Heights, 7.8%; $80,100
6) Wilmore, 7.8%; $224,000
7) Country Club Heights, 7.2%; $207,200
8) Collingwood, 7.1%; $240,700
9) Washington Heights, 6.9%; $65,200
10) Derita-Statesville, 6.8%; $117,400

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