Monday, February 6, 2017

A New Social House Coming Our Way!

You may be asking yourself, "A Social House...? What even IS that?"

A social house is a new phenomenon coming to Charlotte's nightlife scene, which has been dominated by bars, clubs, or breweries for far too long.  Our first social house, Piedmont Social House, is a prime example of what to expect: good food, a full drink menu, bowling, games, room to relax, etc.!  These social houses take the best of what Charlotte's night life already has, but expands on it by adding lots of room and a multitude of ways to spend your night all in the same place.

Charlotte's newest social house is Queen Park Social, located in the Lower South End district, is set to open in March of 2017.  Similar to Piedmont Social House it also offers bowling, but that's not the main focus.  Located directly across from The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, the space boasts a huge 250 seat dining area, a Vegas style horseshoe bar with seating for 100, a private party space, a large patio, and a lounge area with shuffleboard.  The menu is reported to be a TexMex inspired offering with 24 draft beers, wine, and cocktails.

Because of it's location and late hours (2 am on the weekend), Queen Park Social is definitely expected to attract a more adult/party crowd and less of the families.  There are also lots of breweries surrounding it, like Sugar Creek Brewing, Great Wagon Road Distilleries, Broken Spoke, and Doc Porter's.  

Bonus: Queen Park Social is within walking distance to the Scaley Bark Light Rail Station, so you can easily take the train in all the way from South Charlotte (and soon from the University area!).  

Charlotte's night scene continues to evolve and adapt to our ever growing population. Expect to see more fun, new ideas like social houses popping up!

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